5 x sleeping in The 9 Streets Amsterdam!

Staying at a hotel in De 9 Straatjes means staying in the world of the Unesco listed heritage canal belt. As well as staying in Amsterdams most exciting shopping area. Here you’ll find 5 really special hotels along the 4 main canals in the 9straatjesarea. Rich in history, housed in wonderful monuments. With the city’s best restaurants, museums and stores within minutes of your hotel. See you soon! More

De 9 Straatjes stands for 3 × 3 picturesque streets and 4 main canals in Unesco World Heritage Canal Belt. From Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht up to 9 little streets between them. Just a minute behind the Palace on Dam Square and between Westertorren en Leidsegracht. There you’ll find a delightful neighborhood brimming with unique shops, charming eateries and a great historical ambience. More

Museums and Attractions in and around the area of the nine little streets

From Het GrachtenMuseum till Huis Marseille (photography). You will find it all in and around De 9 Straatjes. 3 × 3 little streets between Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht en Herengracht. Just behind Dam square. And: on the way from Rijksmuseum to Anne Frank. ‘It’s areas like this that really make you feel comfortable in Amsterdam.’ (Lonely Planet) Also on sundays! More

More about De 9 Straatjes Shopping Amsterdam. Also every sunday!

Shopping in the middle of the Canal Belt, in De 9 Straatjes, the area of the nine little streets and Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht. Just behind the Palace on Damsquare. Or on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum. It is a paradise for pedestrians and it offers a stunning overview of building styles from Amterdam golden century. ‘For that true taste of A’dam. Nine little streets that are big on personality.’ (NG) More

A few reviews for De 9 Straatjes Amsterdam

“Perfect place for authentic shopping”
“Digno de pasear por ahí.”
“Κάτι που αξίζει να πας να περπατήσεις..”
“Super zum einkaufen” More

The nine little streets means shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying the canal belt, the world heritage of Amsterdam. Come over for the most wonderful fashion, gifts, jewelry, vintage, lightning, shoes & bags, home furnishings and: the best eateries and finest hotels. More

9 x eateries in the nine streets!

De 9 Straatjes (9 little streets) are also well known for the great possibilities for lunch and diner. From modern to chic, jazzy and pure dutch! And from affordable menu to stylish diner! Just behind Dam Square between Singel en Prinsengracht: 3 × 3 little streets, 4 canals and 12 bridges. More

9 Streets - The ideal neighborhood to get to know Amsterdam in all its variety and richnesses. Also on Sundays!

You won’t just find wonderfull shops, restaurants and bars in De 9 Straatjes. There is so much more to discover in this versatile area. Along the main canals in De 9 Straatjes quarter, art was – and still is – practiced with a capital “A”. More

History of De 9 Straatjes Amsterdam

The 9 Streets is a collective name given to the nine cosy and picturesque shopping streets in the Unesco Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal Belt. These nine little streets run between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsestraat, just a few minutes walk behind the Royal Palace at the Dam Square. This little district with its small monumental shops forms a charming neighborhood with a great, bustling atmosphere. More

Whether you’re shopping for business or pleasure, De 9 Straatjes will make the most of your visit to Amsterdam. Full of authentic shops and… Safe up to 21 % when you shop tax free in the 9 little streets! 7 days a week! More

Enjoy Amsterdam's best shoppinghub: De 9 Straatjes in Unesco world heritage!

9 picturesque little streets in Amsterdam canal belt. Between Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht. Just behind the Royal Palace at the Dam Square and on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum. 3 × 3 cosy streets full of quirky shops, vintage stores, designer boutiques and wonderful eateries. More

What The New York Times thinks about De 9 Straatjes, the 9 little streets? ‘Easily Amsterdam’s best shopping hub; a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, vintage clothing stores, gift shops and places to eat and drink.’ More